October 21 | Propel | New Life Women

Propel exists to help women fulfill their passion, purpose, and potential.  Come be a part of an amazing gathering as we discuss the ideals and issues all women face, whether that be in the home, community, or workplace.


  • What is a Propel Women?
    • A Propel woman is committed to becoming the woman she was created to be.
  • What is the mission behind Propel Women?
    • Every event is committed to helping you step into your passion, learn to walk more confidently in your purpose, and fulfill your potential—starting right where you are.
  • What are women saying about Propel Women?
    • You will find the Propel conversation series creates space for every kind of woman to connect and grow. The words most often used are “powerful” and “transforming.”
  • Are there requirements for joining a Propel event?
    • Nope! Every woman, from every background, is invited.

Date: October 21
Time:  9:30 – 12pm
Location:  Alamo campus
Cost:  $5 for the event and $13 for the book (available in the bookstore)