When are your services?

Service times and addresses for the Alamo and San Ramon Campuses are at the bottom of this page and the bottom of the main http://www.newlifeinfo.com main page.

What should I wear?

Come as you like, we do not have a dress code.  We are casually dressed so get comfortable.

Do I need to bring a Bible to the service?

No, you don’t need to but you can if you would like to.  We project the Bible verses on to the large screens so everyone can see the relevant scripture to the message in the service.  In addition, there is a hand out passed out at the doors when you enter which provides the scripture verses being discussed.  We will also help you select a Bible, if you would like one.

What will I experience in the service?

Great music and a relevant message in a safe, friendly environment.

What is available for my kids?

At New Life Church, we have something for children of all ages.  New Life Kids is New Life’s children’s ministry that serves infants through 5th grade.  In New Life Kids we believe that God has a special plan for each child’s life, and we want them to understand and experience this from an early age.  Every week we supplement parents in their desire to develop and grow their kids spiritually through a fun and safe environment.  We teach the Bible using a relevant and age-appropriate style with multimedia, music, crafts, games and so much more!  Meaningful relationships are also developed with their leaders and friends.  Our goal in New Life Kids is to show children how fun and life-changing church can be!

For Middle School Students we offer a program called ROOTS during our Sunday morning services.  This is a great discipleship setting, engaging our teens in relevant topics and discussions.  For High School students, we encourage them to attend the main service with their family and friends.

For Middle and High school students we also offer a the midweek program called Accelerate on Tuesdays in Dublin and Wednesdays in Alamo.  We invite you to check out the Students page for further details.

What are your beliefs/mission?

Our mission is to create a vibrant and ever-expanding community of faith, where people are real and no church-experience is required.

We believe our church is a place to become passionate about experiencing and sharing transformational faith – a relationship-based faith committed to Growing in Grace from God and with each other, Getting Connected in Groups and on Teams, and Sharing God’s Love locally, regionally and globally.

Check out these pages for more information:

What We Believe
Our Mission & Vision

Do I have to participate in a financial offering?

No, we don’t pass an offering plate during the service and we do not expect first time visitors to contribute financially until you decide New Life will be your church.  Offering baskets are provided at the end of the service and are for regular church attendees who know the meaning of giving back to God.

Do you serve Communion?

Communion is available every week for anyone who desires to include that in their worship experience. About once a month we pass the communion trays down each row, for those who’d like to receive it. On all weeks small communion containers are available, as you enter the auditorium. Any of our ushers would be happy to assist you with more info.

What type of faith are you associated with?

New Life is a Christian church that welcomes all ages of people who want to know more about God and increase their spiritual experience to become intimate with Christ. For more information about our faith review our “Faith Statements” at http://newlifeinfo.com/what-we-believe