What to Expect

If you have never been to a service at New Life Church, come and check us out!  We are a casual, fun and exciting church that is designed for people of all backgrounds.  Whether you have never attended a church service or have not been inside a church since you were a kid, then you will appreciate an atmosphere that makes you feel at home from the moment you enter the building.

  • First Time Guests Parking

    If you are a first time guest, you are our VIP!  There is plenty of parking at both locations.  We even have reserved parking spaces for first time guests at our Alamo facility.

  • Our Greeters

    As you approach the building, you will find friendly people happy to shake your hand and welcome you to New Life Church.

  • Attending With Children

    If you are a family with children, ask for some assistance at the welcome area so someone can direct you to our children’s ministry, New Life Kids.  New Life Kids serves infants through 5th grade.  When you and your child arrive, he/she will be greeted by one of our Children’s Ministry volunteers.  These leaders have been trained and carefully screened, and are committed to the safety of your child.  They will also assist you with our computerized check-in.  Once in class your kids will love the age appropriate Bible lessons, multimedia, music, crafts, games and so much more! New Life Kids goal is to show kids how much fun church can be!  For Middle Schoolers, we have a program called ROOTS.

  • Our Refreshments Area

    Stop by our refreshment area and feel free to bring your coffee or other refreshments into the auditorium with you.

  • Our Worship Music

    Our services begin with great upbeat worship music.  Each song’s lyrics are posted on the side screens to make it easy to participate. 
    After the worship music one of our lead pastors will welcome everyone to the service and make some announcements plus highlight the weekly series to be discussed that day.

  • Our Friendship Break

    We believe in community and getting to know one another so we make time in our service for a ‘Friendship Break’.  This is a break to stop by the refreshment table once more, or better yet, a great chance to meet a few other new people.

  • Our Message

    A relevant life-applicable message is then given by one of our Teaching Team Pastors.  We love to laugh, make the Bible clear and interesting, and will always relate it back to experiences in your everyday life.  There will be notes in the program too that will include the Bible passages, as well as having them displayed on the giant side screens.  Even though the weekly message discussion will last only 30 minutes, you will find yourself using it all week long.

    We are a church who believes in reaching out to people at every stage of their spiritual journey.  This church welcomes everyone from seekers who are considering following Christ to mature Christians who are discovering new frontiers in the relationship with Christ.  We believe that God reaches out to everyone.

  • Our Response Time

    After the pastor concludes the weekly message, we pause in our services to reflect on our own spiritual journey.  We call it a “response time”.  This makes the entire day’s service personal for you.  We offer communion and a chance to have people pray with you, if you desire either of those; or you can sit and enjoy music designed for personal reflection.  It’s a spiritually powerful time during our service where you grow, get encouraged or find help with whatever challenges you are facing in your life.

  • The Connect Card

    Also, we want an opportunity to hear from you.  There will be a Connect Card either in the pocket of the seat in front of you.  Let us know how we can serve you and what you may be interested in getting involved in. 

  • Sending you out into your week

    We finish up our service with prayer and a final celebration song, ready to start a new week inspired and strong.