Welcome to our benevolence assistance page.  Below is useful information regarding help that is available to you during difficult times.If you live in Contra Costa County, simply dial 211 for county assistance. Here at New Life Church we encourage people that live in Contra Costa County to connect with our county for help with rent, food, etc. Our county is very effective at helping and assisting residents.If you live outside of Contra Costa County, contact the county you live in for help.In order to possibly receive benevolence assistance from New Life Church 3 items are required:

  1.  You must live in Contra Costa County or the Tri Valley Area.
  2.  You must be a regular attending member and / or partner of New Life Church to be considered for benevolence.
  3.  We need to know what help you have received (if any) from your county of residence.

If you meet the requirements above, please complete the following information to have your request reviewed for possible assistance:

*Our benevolence team will review your request and respond to your inquiry within 10 days.